A preview of our summer mini-season: three episodes that take you deep into the real West to meet people thinking hard about the future of this place. Predators, prairie, and pots of glitter.


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Guess what? We’re toiling away on something really exciting and big, but in the meantime, The Modern West is back with a new mini-season, starting June 17. Three episodes that take you deep into the real West to meet people thinking hard about the future of this place. The first story is about a rancher struggling to share the landscape with big predators.

“I don’t have anything against grizzly bears or wolves, but you have to manage them. And if they don’t manage them, we can’t be here.”

We’ll find out if he can learn to adapt. We’ll also be asking ‘how wild do we want our wild places to be?’ We’d love for you to weigh in with your thoughts.

Then July 1, we’ll hear the story of a woman who walked a long section of the brand-new Great Plains Trail.

“And just the views that you get. While it’s difficult to deal with some of these vast open spaces– [they] are mentally pretty tough when you’re walking along cornfields for, say 10 plus miles–but the views and the sunset and the moon rises, I mean, that is amazing.”

As part of that episode, we’ll explore where the West is; do you agree that it includes the Great Plains? You can join the conversation on social media.

After that, we’ll tag along on as a drag queen from a tiny Western town makes a trek to a drag competition in the big city.

“I think that high school me would be really proud of how uninhibited I have been, presenting myself as a social freak. I’m really not caring so much about how I’m perceived by the straight world.”

That one comes out on July 15.  

It’s a mini-season but, man, is it packed with good stuff! Small but mighty. You can find these episodes by searching for The Modern West in that favorite place of yours where you download podcasts. 

And we have some really great news. We just received an Edward R. Murrow Award for episode ten of our first season, the one called “The Widower”. If you haven’t listened, go back and check it out.

The Modern West is getting lots of attention these days; we were also one of six public media stations from around the country to be chosen for a podcasting incubator program through PRX. They saw something special in The Modern West, and are behind the scenes, helping us get even better at telling you these stories. One big thing is that instead of having a series of stand-alone episodes, coming up this fall, we’ll have a season that tells one big, important story. We’ll tell you all about that as we get closer.

Part of our mission is to get Westerners talking to each other. So make sure you follow us @modernwestpod on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and get in on the conversation. And subscribe! You can do it wherever you get your podcasts.

This is going to be a season full of sound-rich stories and incredible voices. Don’t miss it, right here on The Modern West.